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St Michel Bathroomware

Offering you the right product at the right price - nationwide

We place real emphasis on meeting our customer’s different needs, from providing well designed lower priced products, through to our premium furniture options. Regardless of the price point, all St Michel Bathroomware is crafted by our in-house design and production teams right here in New Zealand from sustainable plantation forest timber products, using only low toxicity glues and resins, so your home will be safe for the whole family.


We’ve been doing this for over 30 years and know that not cutting corners and applying rigorous quality and checking processes is necessary to ensure our products offer long term, robust performance. 

Consequently, if you follow our installation and care instructions it's unlikely you'll have any issues with St Michel furniture. However, if something does go wrong you’ll be able to take advantage of buying locally, as we'll be here to help.