Stella Corner 900x900 Wall

2 Door 2 Drawer
900 wide x 525 high x 320 deep
2 Door 2 Drawer
900 wide x 525 high x 320 deep
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Clip off hinges on doors for easy installation and care

Bow handles supplied are Bright Chrome

Ceramic and Mineral Cast basins include overflows. Mineral Cast basins are supplied with white, black and chrome overflow rings (included in cost). Ceramic basins are supplied with Chrome overflow ring only (included in cost). White and Black are available at extra cost.

This model is supplied in Modules (separate pieces assembled on site).

Stella Corner

Stella Corner - 900x900 - 2 Door 2 Drawer - Wall - Cabinet Specification
Corners Basin Specification

Stella Corner

Door Installation & Hinge Adjustment
Drawer Installation & Alignment
*St Michel General Installation Instructions, Care & Maintenance, Warranty
Stella Corner Modular Cabinet Installation Instructions

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