City 40 - 900 Wall

1 Drawer
900 wide x 520 high x 400 deep
1 Drawer
900 wide x 520 high x 400 deep
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Softclose is standard on all drawers and doors

Swappable door & drawer fronts for future makeovers

Mineral Cast basin (gloss) or Solid Surface basin (matte) options

Aqua Edge® sealing technology creates a highly water resistant edge.

This model includes Onda Storage, Type D

City 40 / with benchtop

City 40 - 900 Wall - 1 Drawer - Cabinet Specifications

City 40 / with benchtop

Drawer Installation & Alignment
A - Type Drawer Installation Video
City Front Panel Change
*St Michel General Installation Instructions, Care & Maintenance, Warranty
City 40 Top Installation Instuctions
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